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Throughout my travels across Europe and North America thanks to my occupation, I have been very lucky to cross paths with many incredible people.  Most are fans of the Ducks and Angels.  The stories about their passion for the teams and what they do to follow them have been captivating.

Then the pandemic happened, and Frenchie’s Friends took on an even greater meaning for me.  My friend Brian Rausso, the co-owner of Green Cheek Beer, and I created a podcast and the goal at the time was to highlight local businesses and artists, giving them a platform to tell their stories and how we could help support their businesses.

Once we could meet in person again, I wanted to take this even one more step further and created Frenchie’s Friends Feature Friday.  Each Friday, I visit and highlight a local business or artist and briefly tell their story. This experience has been an inspiration for me and opened my eyes to the true entrepreneurial spirit!

Frenchie’s Friends has now evolved into a movement I want to continue to grow, telling the stories of business owners, artists, musicians, wine makers, distillers, brewers and athletes, discovering what drives them and inspires them.

“Work hard, play hard and laugh hard in 2023 and support local businesses and artists”- FF