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Finding Holiday Cheer at Enchant® Christmas – Kent French

Finding Holiday Cheer at Enchant® Christmas

by: Kent French

The holiday season was just starting and, I’ll admit it, I was ready for it to be over.

Between working, traveling, birthday, and holidays, no one can blame us for being worn out and ready to retreat back to a dimly lit cave during this last month of the year.

But it’s the holidays! So we have to fill our gas tanks with egg nog and delicious, perfectly chewy and soft gingerbread cookies and suck it up. Because it’s the time of year that sparks joy and makes us believe in magic, we have to put on our big elf pants and show some cheer.

As I walked through the non-denominationally decorated airport, I made a pact with myself that I was ready for some holiday cheer.

I talked to a few locals, hoping that I could find someone who was eager to share my new-found holiday cheer. It only took a couple of conversations with some willing, and not so willing strangers to find someone hyped up on holiday candy to recommend a great place to visit while I was here. Before I could even finish my sentence, one of the excited volunteers grabbed my shoulder and exclaimed, “Oh! You have to go to Enchant® Christmas! I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s just amazing!”


"I made a pact with myself that I was ready for some holiday cheer."

To my utter surprise, when I walked inside, I felt the warmth of Christmas wash over me. And, by warmth, I mean every inch of Enchant® Christmas was covered in over 250,000 white, blinking lights. It was a bright, hot Christmas explosion of sculptures with Santa and his reindeer that pulled all of the visitors right into the Christmas spirit.

Talking with one of the women that helped create the event, I learned that this year’s theme urged visitors to find Santa’s missing reindeer and save Christmas. My quest began. Around each corner was another larger than life reindeer breaching forth from the trees doing its best Free Willy interpretation.

After 45 minutes, I was through the Christmas Maze and ready to soak in the splendor that was the biggest Christmas tree I’d ever seen. Over 80 feet tall, it was covered in twinkling lights.

This was it. The moment that warmed my Scrooge’s heart. It wasn’t the tree. It was the kids. There was joy whenever they spotted a reindeer or caught a glimpse of some elves, but the kids, mouths open staring up in awe was the reminder I needed for the season. I stood in front of that tree, probably a bit longer than I should have. But by the time I walked away, I was smiling from ear to ear.

I walked into Enchant® Christmas because I needed something to remind me of the joys of the season. And that’s exactly what I got with all of the events, amazing handcrafted items, and an over-the-top atmosphere, this place somehow works.

Enchant® Christmas is in cities across the United States, including St. Petersburg, Florida, Seattle, Washington, and Washington, DC.

I boarded my plane back to California with an extra little pep in my step and a candy cane in my pocket. Sometimes we all just need a little helping hand feeling the holiday spirit. The storybook world that Enchant® created got back into the spirit.

Until next time, friends.